Mankind’s Fascination With Flight

Mankind was always fascinated by flying and exactly the dreamers made it possible to create means for flying. Numerous generations of children playing with model aeroplanes and the plans we have of Da Vinci’s 15th century flying machine show us how much we’ve wanted to be able to spread our arms and fly and the invention of planes shows us that traveling can be much more than flying from A to B

New Destinations

We offer you the most exclusive way to explore Southern Europe with its varied Destinations, scenic coastlines and selected culinary delights. Feel the power and sound of our aircrafts in a perfect set-up along diverse coasts as you immerse yourself in the ultimate Flight Experience. After your Flight you can relax in the company of like-minded, passionate pilots and globetrotters while enjoying the sunset of Italy and other destinations

Discover someting new

Join us to explore the different facets that make flying so captivating. Our Flight Experiences lead through fascinating landscapes and culinary delights. Take over control and try out how it is to be a pilot or join our experience in the course of your flight training. No previous knowledge required!


Learn and develop your flying skills with a Flighttime Experience trained instructor with both informative instructions and hands on practice. Safety is our top priority! Feel confident in knowing that our instructors have extensive experience in piloting and instructing. Our flight crew consists of accurately trained and professional team members who are experienced pilots and flight instructors. We pride ourselves on our high safety standards

Cirrus SR 20

Highly distinctive, yet timelessly attractive. The SR 20 combines an intoxicating blend of spoiled elegance, technology and engineering

Katana DV 20

The Katana DV 20 combines modern amenities and classic ideals. Athleticism, charismatic  attributes and exceptional reliabillity provide the ideal comfort during flight

Flight Experience Croatia 2016

Date: Summer/ Autumn 2016
Type: 3 day trip

  • 1st day: Wiener Neustadt – Maribor – Brac – Hvar
  • 2nd day: Hvar – Dubrovnik
  • 3rd day: Dubrovnik – Pula – Wiener Neustadt

Flight Experience Hungary 2016

Date: Summer/ Autumn 2016
Type: One day excursion

  • Route: Wiener Neustadt – Hertelendy Kastély – Balaton-Kiliti – Wiener Neustadt

Flight Experience Portoroz and Venice 2016

Date: Summer/ Autumn 2016
Type: One day excursion

  • Route: Wiener Neustadt – Portoroz – Venice -Wiener Neustadt